Earl G. Sturrock, MS, LCC is a business of highly qualified and professional senior polygraph examiners.

Our examiners have all received advanced training from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Law Enforcement Polygraph school and from the Department of Defense. The company’s owner, Earl Sturrock also attended the Troy University Polygraph Center. Each examiner served as a full-time law enforcement officer and a polygraph examiner before conducting private examinations.

Our examiners conduct all types of polygraph testing including but not limited to:

Our professional goal is to provide our clients with accurate results they can rely on.

Every polygraph examination is administered in a discreet and professional manner. We are committed to the best practices of polygraph in meeting the polygraph needs of our clients utilizing state-of-the-art computerized polygraph systems.

Please contact me for an appointment or for any questions concerning polygraph testing.

Earl G. Sturrock - Owner/Examiner - 713-416-4236



I had the privilege to have interned under, been trained by, and to have been an associate of Morris Covin and Associates. In the four years prior to Morris’s death in 2008, I administered polygraph examinations of all types for his clients.

Morris Covin was a preeminent polygraph examiner for over forty (40) years. It was an honor to have assured him that his client’s polygraph needs would continue to be met professionally. As a continued reminder of that commitment and in remembrance of my friend, I use his logo as my own.

In Gratitude,

Earl G. Sturrock


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